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polyuria n : renal disorder characterized by the production of large volumes of pale dilute urine; often associated with diabetes

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  1. The production of an abnormally large amount of urine; one symptom of diabetes

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In medicine, polyuria is a condition characterized by the passage of large volumes of urine (at least 2.5 L over 24 hours in adults).
Polyuria is sometimes used to refer to urinary frequency, or frequent urination, irrespective of the volume of urine passed.
Polyuria often appears in conjunction with polydipsia (increased thirst), though it is possible to have one without the other, and the latter may be a cause or an effect. Psychogenic polydipsia may lead to polyuria.
Polyuria is physiologically normal in some circumstances, such as cold diuresis, altitude diuresis, and after drinking large amounts of fluids.

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